Compower | Cloud Based PBX and VOIP Solutions | 03338801230

New OFCOM regulations require all incoming and outgoing telephone calls to have a valid caller ID number.


Someone calling you from outside of our platform, presented us with a Caller ID that was not considered valid, and so was substituted with our approved Caller ID replacement number 03338801230, which complies with these new OFCOM regulations.

This number is not the actual caller ID the person calling you used and should not be added to call blocking or blacklists.

Some call providers may send legitimate calls between networks, accidently messing up the original caller ID.
Instead of us denying these calls into our platform because they have an invalid caller ID, we instead replace the invalid caller ID with the number 03338801230.

We do not however replace or substitute legitimate caller ID's being presented as BLOCKED/UNKNOWN/WITHHELD. They will still display as BLOCKED/UNKNOWN/WITHHELD Etc.

Should you need a call tracing for law enforcement or legal reasons, please do get in touch with us, and we will endeavour to assist you in any way we can.