Affordable Cloud Based PBX and VOIP Solutions

We offer a completely cloud based VOIP solution for your home or business telephony needs.

Whether it's a single home line or multiple routed incoming numbers, Compower has a solution for your telephony requirements.

All you need is a reliable broadband service, and we could have your business up and running in less than 24 hours.

We can provide the perfect telephone handset for receptionists, office workers or home users.

Even remote home workers can have a connection back to your office based staff as if they were right there.

Below we've included a brief list of some of the features of the Compower Cloud PBX.

Numbers Available For Any UK City

Unlike traditional landline technology, you no longer need to be located in a city to benefit from having a number for that location. We can provide you with multiple numbers located in different cities that ring to your single office location.

Call Recording

Call recording is available on all out business packages for a small extra monthly charge.

This gives you the peace of mind that all your conversations are safely stored for you to refer back to in the future.


Interactive Voice Response (or Virtual Recepionist) is a way for your callers to select which department or extension to be routed to. "Press 1 for Sales!"

Remote Extension

Working from home (or anywhere in the world) is as simple as taking your desk phone with you! Just plug it into your home internet connection. Works automatically without any additional setup, anywhere in the world.


Every extension has access to a voicemail box. No more lost messages. Simply transfer any call to a colleagues mailbox and the caller can leave them a private message they can listen to any time.

A copy of the voicemail can even be emailed to you while you are out of the office.

Caller ID

Every extension has access to caller ID for internal and external calls.

Add a name to a number and you will never have to guess who's calling again.

Our automatic caller ID name matching list is forever growing with new names.

We can even add your database list to identify all your existing clients.

Call Blacklisting

Compower constantly monitor for nuisance calls and block most of the known numbers we have detected as SPAM or nuisance callers automatically. These include PPI, SCAM & Accident Claims companies.