The Team


Owner & Technical Support


Accounts & Finances



Mark is the head of our Technical department. He is a marine fish keeper and dog lover. He enjoys walks with his dog and is a keen home cook and red wine drinker.

Mark loves everything gadgety and voice control controls almost everything in his home.

Alice takes care of everythig financial. Alice enjoys rock climbing and spending time with her children in the great outdoors. As well as being the Compower purse strings holder, Alice runs her own bookkeeping business. 

Alice is a founder member of the Manchester Czech School.

Cretia is an invaluable member of the Compower team. From answering phones to doing all the admin and paperwork, Cretia is always on the go. She has a passion for solving puzzles and is a keen gardener. We would not be without her many years of experience and vast knowledge.